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Peer-led Organization

SoberHood is a recovery community organization (RCO), meaning it is a peer-led 501c3 nonprofit. Peers are individuals who share lived experience recovering from substance use and/or related issues.  "Peer" typically refers to the individual in recovery from the addictive disorder, but addiction often impacts families and close friends.  For this reason, recovery is often a family process. And by "family", we mean both kith and kin. Family members can experience their own rewarding recovery journey. In this context, they are peers to other family members with shared lived experience in recovery.

RCOs strengthen the voice of hope, pulls for the deep waters of wisdom and broadens the reach of lived experience.


Executive Director, Jason Howell

Jason Howell is a person in long-term recovery from trauma, mental health and substance use issues. He has a Bachelors in Agriculture and a Master in Business Administration from Texas A&M University. Plus, he is a Recovery Support Specialist ("Recovery Coach") Trainer. Howell entered the recovery support field in 2008 opening the only recovery home in Texas for gay/bi sexual men. Since then Howell has overseen as many as 13 recovery residences at onetime and has been contracted by private, state and national recovery organizations. Howell co-founded SoberHood in 2009 and has served as its Director since that time. Under Howell's leadership, SoberHood has focused on peer recovery support services, most notably in recovery-oriented housing. In addition to overseeing SoberHood, Jason is the current president of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) and is the Education and Advocacy Chair for the Austin Recovery Oriented System of Care Initiative. Howell can often be found advocating for people in recovery's fair housing rights and access to recovery support. And, Jason is a regular speaker on recovery support services at the local, state and national level. (see slide decks)

Board of Directors

SoberHood is overseen by a Board of Directors serving 3 year terms.

Current Officers

President: Jennifer Pinkely

Vice President: Sandra Eames

Secretary / Treasure: Marsha Robinson

Honorary Board Members

Special thanks to former Board members:

Francine Taylor

Steve Stanislov

Alex Sanchez

Community Participatory Process

Recovery community organizations utilize a community participatory process to help guide its programming and stay accountable to the community that it serves.


The Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network (TROHN) is a division of SoberHood. TROHN leads SoberHood's recovery housing certification program and is the state affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR). TROHN's Community Advisory Board consists of recovery residence providers that meet the national standards and collaborate to improve the availability and quality of recovery-oriented housing and services across Texas.

Peer Recovery Workforce Focus Group

SoberHood has taken an active role in helping define practice standards for peer delivered services and identifying the needs of the recovery community. In this effort, SoberHood co-facilitates peer specialist focus groups. If you are a peer support worker or volunteer, contact us about the next focus group.