Resource Navigation

Sometimes "ya don't know what ya don't know", and so you need a little information to empower your decisions and navigate the system. In the recovery support services world, we call this resource navigation. It comes in a lot of different flavors, and is often provided by peer volunteers.

Resource Navigators

This is a title often used to describe the volunteer or paid staff role in a recovery community organization who's responsibilities include helping people discover their resource options, such as house, employment services, legal aid, child care, health care... You get the picture. More than just handing people a list of phone numbers or making the call for the peer, resource navigators empower individuals and do "warm hand-offs". They may help the peer weight the pros and cons of the various choices and sit with them as they make a call. They network with other navigators and periodically call services providers to keep up-to-date on services and policy changes. They can be heard saying things like, "Talk to Yolie over at the Food Stamp office. She's very nice. Tell her hello for me."

Medical Insurance Navigators

Having medical insurance offers you access to essential health benefits, but choosing a policy or finding out whether you qualify for Medicaid or supplements can be daunting. Specially trained Certified Insurance Navigators are they to help you. Contact your local Certified Insurance Navigator (add directory link)

Online Directories

The Web has made finding resources and information as easy as clicking a mouse. They often specialize in a type of service and/or geographical location. As a part of its Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network project, SoberHood provides a directory of certified recovery residences in Texas at

Austin Directories

Recovery Housing / Recovery Residence Programs

Warm-lines / Help Lines

Sometimes you would rather talk to a real live person who can answer your questions and/or direct you to where you can find answers. This is were warm-lines or help lines come in. They are often staffed by Recovery Navigators. As mentioned above, Recovery Navigators can either volunteer or paid staff who complete a training and who actively keep a pulse on resources available in their area.