SoberHood is a peer-led 501c3 nonprofit that was founded in 2009 to reduce the cost of addiction while improving the health and well-being of individuals and families through recovery support, education, advocacy and community building.

SoberHood developed and administers three statewide networks: TROHN, RecoveryPeople, and Texans for Recovery and Resiliency
empowering recovery housing choices
and promoting best practices

As the state Affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR), the Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network (TROHN) has certified over 70 recovery residences (e.g. sober houses, recovery homes, residential recovery centers and Therapeutic Communities).  This equates to over 700 beds in sober, safe and peer support living environments where peers learn to live recovery. To see a list of certified providers and learn more go to TROHN


organizing and mobilizing peers in recovery 

Over 2 million Texans are RecoveryPeople -- persons, family members and allies in recovery from substance use issues. Yet, another 2 million are still suffering. Peers are uniquely qualified to offer sustainable, community-based support and grassroots solutions. As a statewide network, RecoveryPeople connects and coordinates peers across agencies, communities and fellowships. Together we can help start and sustain long-term recovery across Texas:
  • Peer workforce development and support - Peer recovery support services are a proven means of increasing cost effective recovery outcomes. Recovery coaches, house manager and other peer service providers need access to affordable and ongoing skills development
  • Peer leadership development and support  - From the local coalitions to a statewide network, peers should be leading the recovery movement and informing policy and program development.  Peer recovery advocates,  organizers and coordinators need access to affordable and ongoing technical assistance
  • Making recovery visible - Events such as the annual RecoveryPeople state conference and social media campaigns such as the RecoveryPeople podcast reduces stigma and help connect people to the greater recovery community. 

Texans for Recovery and Resiliency
uniting youth, young adult and family mental health 
and substance use networks

Approximately 21% of Youth have a diagnosable mental health or substance use disorder. At 14 years of age, 50% of them will have dropped out of school. As youth age out of one system into another, individuals and families often experience gaps in care. Through this innovative collaboration, the Texas Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health (TXFFCMH) and RecoveryPeople are uniting the youth and family mental health statewide network and the peer addiction recovery statewide networks to promote recovery and resiliency. Individually, we can only see a piece of the solution. Together youth, young adults and family members with lived experience can inform the develop of a continuum of services that support individuals across lifetimes and generations. (Learn more)