The Scott Daniel Project was launched in 2010 to help support Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders (LGBT) in recovery. For various reasons including higher rates of trauma and stigmatization, LGBT face a number of economic and health disparities. This helps you understand why LGBT have one of the highest rates of substance use disorders; rates similar to war veterans with post traumatic stress disorder.

The Project was named after Scott Daniel, a prominent litigation attorney in the Houston/Galveston area who died of an overdose in late 2009. While Scott was able to win many battles in the court room, we was unable to overcome the internal battles of depression, substance use and stigma. In memory of Scott Daniel, SoberHood created the project to develop and promotes recovery support services resources for LGBT seeking and sustaining recovery.

Project Highlights:
  • LGBT Recovery Housing - The doors to a Gay/Bi Mens recovery home was opened in August 2008 in Austin, Texas. Initially the home struggled, so SoberHood brought the house underneath its nonprofit umbrella to foster it to sustainability. Through the support of the Scott Daniel Project, the Gay/Bi Mens home grown into a larger house and was financially self sustainable by January 2011. No longer needing the SoberHood nest, the Gay/Bi Mens home continues to soar as a part of Eudaimonia Recovery Homes.
  • Culturally Competent Recovery: In 2012, Jason Howell and Joseph Sanchez presented, LGBT ROSC: Infusing Recovery Principles into Gay Pride, at the National Conference of Addiction Disorders. (see presentation slides)
  • Research: Coming soon... SoberHood is helping facilitate a federally funded research project studying the needs of LGBT in recovery. More when it can be revealed.